“Something for the Tiger King crowd, but eschews sensationalism to deliver MUCH MORE BITE.”

Donald Liebenson
Film Citic | Roger Ebert .com
Certified Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer

The Conservation Game should have the same impact as The Cove and Blackfish.

“It will bring audiences cheering to their feet.”

“It would be a crime if this film were denied a theatrical release.”

Scott Marks
Film Critic | San Diego Reader
Certified Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer

“Will change the animal entertainment industry forever.”

If Tiger King is the tabloid take on the big cat story, The Conservation Game is Pro Publica.”

Tiger King is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and The Conservation Game is Hamlet. The farce is good for a few laughs, but the tragedy has more staying power.”

Andy Howell
Film Critic | Film Threat
Certified Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer


“The way Blackfish blew the lid off Seaworld, The Conservation Game will rip the curtain back on celebrity conservationists.”

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