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“When people watch The Conservation Game, they will see how this huge, crazy problem started.”

“Allegations about Jack Hanna surface in a new documentary, The Conservation Game.
Hanna did not answer our calls.”

“I’ve seen the film. It is powerful. It has made an impact on me.”

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“I started watching this film and could not look away.”

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“Michael Webber’s The Conservation Game is making a huge splash.”

“The Conservation Game is an odyssey deep into the heart of the big cat trade.”

“If you see the film The Conservation Game, it will explain all of this.”

“The Conservation Game wins the Social Justice Award for documentary film.”

“Trailer for Endangered Big Cat Documentary Revealed.”

“The Columbus Zoo in damage-control mode tonight”

“A new documentary accuses Jack Hanna of handling animals unethically.”

“The new vice president of animal programming at the Columbus Zoo says these claims are true.”

“New vice president of Columbus Zoo says ‘these claims are true’.”

“Sadly, there were lapses in our check and balances and those are at odds with our current set of values.”

“New film alleges that Jack Hanna had ties to the big cat trade across the country.”

“New leadership at the Columbus Zoo are onboard with the film’s message.”

“The Conservation Game led to changes at the Columbus Zoo.”

‘The Conservation Game’ trailer dropped, featuring Jack Hanna, and explores celebrity conservationists’ involvement in the exotic pet trade.

“Columbus Zoo makes policy changes in response to new documentary.”

FILE - The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium featured a full-grown Cheetah in Good Day Columbus' studio Oct. 23, 2019.  Cats and primates won't leave the zoo's campus as part of a new policy. (WSYX)

Columbus Zoo shocked at loss of AZA accreditation.

“Documentary casts a spot light on animals Jack Hanna used during late-night TV appearances.”

“The puppy-milling of animals to supply entertainment business is quite troubling.”

Documentary ties Columbus Zoo and Jack Hanna to the unchecked big cat trade.

The film calls attention to celebrity conservationists’ participation in the unregulated exotic animal trade.”

“The Conservation Game is the Blackfish for big cats.”


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